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Shane S. - Owner ImaWhale Staking: "Ryan worked with a large group of our players for quite a while. He did a great job at getting macro topics across to the group while still being able to give 1 on 1 specialized advice to those players who might be struggling. Ryan was also extremely reliable and consistent with his coaching sessions which made it very easy to work with. I would highly recommend him as a coach to any MTT player looking to grow their game."



Tom B. - TitanTom: "I've known Ryan for a couple years now. I know him to be a tireless worker. Whether that means working on his own game, working to help his students or talk poker with his peers, or grinding on a daily basis.


His coaching has always impressed me because he has approached every situation from a number of different perspectives and can look at a hand with an open mind and not be overly biased based on what he thinks.


He can prove or unprove ideas based on mathematics and understands the pyschology of the game equally well.


He's always willing to discuss hands with anyone who's willing and I think that seperates him from other coaches. He will expect a lot out of his students because he knows that his students expect the same from him."

Carl D. - Sohoskiracer - PokerStars "I began getting intermittent coaching from Ryan in the last quarter of 2013 and more regularly in the first few months of 2014. It has probably been a rather unorthodox matching of coach and student as we approach the game from different standpoints, however that has greatly benefited my game.

My ability to comprehensively understand arguments for lines and general theoretic understanding of tournament poker are solid; stemming from a degree in Econ/Phil with a focus on decision theory. That said my default/multi-table game had a fair amount of inconsistency and poor tendencies that arose from getting comfortable and making some assumptions about other players I simply shouldn't.

This all worked fine at SS/MSMTTs, but to sustain my move up to MS/HSMTTs this had to change.

Ryan's ability to reduce lines (situations really) to the perfect level of specificity and universality has allowed me to understand very quickly why the lines he is arguing for are correct and has really allowed me to start applying theory in practice.

Being a recreational player I don't exactly spend enough time going over spots explicitly and when getting coaching from Ryan I feel like I'm discovering lines that fit within my overall game so well they appear obvious and I can't believe I hadn't explicitly incorporated them before.

After pretty much every session I've gone and played and over the next week there will be a message sent to Ryan something to the effect of “holy shit I can't believe I hadn't been c/ring flops with X frequency and Y sizing” at least twice as I've looked back a specific line that I discussed with him that week has directly lead to me aquiring a huge stack for FT runs.

From empirical experience and extremely good intuitions Ryan's game and coaching ability are such that imo most anyone will learn alot from him and his perspective on the game.

That aside Protential has to be the best value coach ever, I have well and exceeded my expenditures on coaching with a higher ROI%, proveable by the 2-3% jump in my ITM alone."


Andressoprano - "Ryan is a very dedicated coach, extremely reliable and preoccupied for his students. He has a mathematical approach to the game which will help you understand what are the best ways to work your stack at different stack depths."

John D. - J0hndayt0n - PokerStars: "After letting the game pass me by in recent times, Protential was the perfect step in the right direction. Not only will he help you improve but he will help you learn how to improve on your own. He teaches in a very structured and easy to follow manner that would be great for all kinds of players. He is always concise, honest, thorough and an overall great value way to improve your game."

Spel91 - PokerStars: "At 100$/hr Ryan's coaching is great value for all but the very highest level of players. He is professional and honest, and has helped my game a lot. I look forward to continuing to work with him."

MatteoBounce – PokerStars: "I recently booked 10 hours with Protential. From just our first session I learned enough to cover the entire cost of coaching! He is a very theoretically sound and very thorough in his sharing of knowledge. He also has an easy to follow and eye opening way of explaining various concepts!Getting coaching from him is certainly a great value investment.”

Alessandro A. - A.Tricarico – PokerStars: "I booked 10 hours of coaching with Protential and only after 4 hours I already started to see huge improvements in my game. He was very fast at spotting my leaks and we worked very quickly on them to improve my game. He is definitely one of the best price/quality coaches available right now."

Alexandru T. - OneTimeJoker - PokerStars: "Whenever I find myself in a big downswing I realize that even though variance plays a big part in it, It's not a thing that I can control. And while I get focused on my bad beats and loosing filps more and more I think I should focus more on playing my best. That's where Protential comes in. I buy a pack of 10 hr sessions with him once or twice a year and I realize exactly what I am doing wrong and what I am doing right. A lot of the times in downswing you can't really tell if you made a good decision or not. Getting Protential's insight on that decision can make you remove the doubts and plug the big leaks and the high variance plays."

Jordy A. - dr0pfire - PokerStars: "Ryan is a very knowledgable and friendly poker coach. He has all the essential coaching tools to identify and teach you how to improve any aspect of your game, regardless of skill level. My game and ROI has already improved significantly and I'd recommend him to anyone looking to achieve the same results."

PilarIsAngry - Merge: "I've had over 20+ hours of coaching from Ryan and I can honestly say it improved my tournament game/results by a decent margin. Although my poker decisions were all right, in the context of tournaments I was still doing things way wrong. As far as off the felt studying and coaching, you won't find a better deal for your dollar."

Steven M. - Imawhale1 - Merge: "I was lucky enough to receive coaching from Ryan. Ryan is a natural when it comes to adapting to his students. He is great at zoning into individuals, and getting the best out of your style of play. I found my time with Ryan as my coach really benefited my game, and i incorporate his ideas daily. Hes very punctual, passionate, and professional and it shows in his work and results!"

Daryl B. - Lisapisa153 - PokerStars: "I initially started receiving coaching from Protential during a downswing. Through the work we did together i was able to realize spots for exploitation that I wasn't even aware existed before. His solid mathmatical approach also demystified the process and allowed for easy assimilation of new concepts. I was quickly able to grind my way out of my downswing and havn't had a major one since. Highly recommended to others!"

Mike R- Rockstarrossi - Merge: "The way the poker climate has changed so dramatically for the average grinder in the United States over the past few years, it has been increasingly difficult to stay sharp and continue to improve on the overall strategies of tournament poker. I had the opportunity to work with Ryan for several sessions early on in 2014 and he did a great job of helping me do exactly that. Most specifically in helping sharpen my mathematical saw at just the right time. There is no time for complacency in poker if you want to stay ahead of where the rest of the world is going. There are no reasonable excuses for not getting there, and Ryans methods and philosophies are built around a strong work ethic, while using a genuine math-based approach that can account for any opponents playing tendencies and styles."

Jai - JDSAZ - PokerStars:" I've found Protential's coaching to be a very valuable tool to improve my game. He is brutally honest, which is needed in a good coach, and can explain in depth the math and theory behind the game in a manner which anyone can understand.


Worth every penny he charges, I'd recommend him to players of all levels."

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