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Coaching Services

Ryan offers a personalized regiment of training and education that can turn any hard working recreational player's game into a solidly profitable one, or can help a micro to mid-stakes grinder achieve their next level of play. 

All of the sessions are conducted using Skype or can be held in person. The sessions are comprised of a mixture of Hand History Reviews, Math Coaching, Advanced Theory Discussions, Mind Set, Game Selection and all other important topics related to playing.    

Coaching sessions are all 2 hours in length, with 2 hours being the minimum purchase. All sessions are recorded for your use.

The cost of coaching is currently  $250/hr. If you buy 10 hours you get a reduced rate  of $200/hr or $2000 for the package. 

If you allow the session to be recorded and posted to it will instead be 175/hr, and you will get 3 free months of access to the site. 

Payment for coaching may be made via direct deposit, bank wire, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, PokerStars or ACR. (If there are any fees associated with payment, you must pay for both sides.)


If you desire to book a coaching session use the form on the right hand side to send an e-mail and we can arrange a time and date. 

Thanks for reading! 

(Note: While coaching is a very valuable resource, it is effective only when the student follows the advice of the teacher and puts in effort learning at and away from the tables. Becoming good requires hard work, no matter what help you receive, coaching can make the learning process much faster which is why it can be a great value investment.)

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